Print Info

Delivery (Prints)

Delivery is from the United Kingdom and is included free with the purchase of all prints. Delivery is by FEDEX, DHL, UPS or DPD depending on location. Once your order is shipped you will receive an email with your tracking number. Please allow up to two weeks to fulfil your order plus one week for delivery.

Delivery (Books)

Delivery of standard edition books from the United Kingdom and is extra: United Kingdom: $10, Europe: $20, Rest of the world: $35. Delivery is by FEDEX, DHL, UPS or DPD depending on location. Once your order is shipped you will receive an email with your tracking number. Please allow up ten days for delivery.

Print Sample

If you wish to view a print sample to make a tangible assessment of your print‘s quality before purchase, we can at a $25 cost which will be deducible off your final purchase. The sample would be to the same standards using the same paper and inks as your final purchase.

Curation and design

Print buying is very much a personal endeavour and no one specification fits all requirements. Size, framing and display options are almost if not as important as the print itself. Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can offer advice and enable you to get the best out of your options by communicating directly with us before your purchase.

Limited Edition Prints

Signed and numbered prints are limited to small numbers and are each hand numbered and signed in pencil just beneath the image area. Limited edition prints are limited to numbers of 10, 25 or 50 only, and each edition comprises all their available print sizes. Prints limited to 75 are still available but there will unlikely be any more released of this number. Once an edition has sold out, there won’t be any more available no matter how much you try to persuade us. Prices for any given print may rise as its availability decreases.

Open Prints

Open colour prints have no limit in their print run and are thus not hand numbered or signed. A signature is reproduced just beneath the image area. Open prints typically cost less than limited editions. Otherwise open edition prints are identical in appearance and quality to signed and numbered prints.

Print Sizes

Measurements given are for the longest side of the printed image area. Each print is made with a wide paper border all around to allow the framer to handle the print and for added edge protection during transport.
The minimum available print size is 60cm. Images of wildlife tend to have their best impact at larger sizes which is why we don’t offer smaller ones. For size requirements larger than those listed, please enquire.

Pricing and Framing

Pricing is for print only. Print sizes other than those above are available on request. Framed prints are not currently available online but will be offered at a future date. For framing enquiries please contact us.


From time to time we offer discounts, usually they are listed under New Prints or Featured Prints. Subscribing to our mailing list provides further discounts on selected prints.

Quality Assurance

All prints are printed to high standards on finely textured heavyweight cotton rag paper. Long life quality inks are used to ensure light fast durability. The print is guaranteed to be fade resistant for at least 100 years thus ensuring your print will likely outlive you. Each print is checked to ensure quality before it is sent to the buyer.

Care of your print

On receipt of your print, take great care in removing it from the tube, and even greater care placing it back in again as the paper is soft and may buckle, which would be incredibly annoying for you. Rolling prints and placing them in tubes is a practiced art and it is not as easy as it might first appear. We recommend you take it straight to a framer where their experienced hands will ensure its condition.


If your print has arrived damaged (and that you can show that it was damaged before arrival) we will replace it on receipt of the damaged print back to us. If you managed to damage your print after delivery (see above) we will offer a replacement at a significantly reduced cost.

Mailing List

Subscribing to our mailing list notifies you of new prints, additional discounts to that of those offered to non-subscribers, and more background information about them. Our subscription is GDPR compliant and is configured to be double opt-in.

Secure Payments

This site uses SSL encryption to protect your credit card information. Payments are processed by Shopify which is powered by Stripe, a specialist online payment processor. Payments are fully compliant with the PCI DSS standard and as such data is encrypted at all times between you entering your card details and your card being authorised. We never store your card details but they are securely stored by Stripe.