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The ultimate destination for any image is print. A well made print transcends all other ways to view images. Prints are tangible, holdable and real. They can be appreciated first at a distance, then closer for more appreciation. Prints are always on show without having to turn on a switch. Their appreciation lasts years longer than those on hard drives. Prints help make a home out of a house.

Emphasis is on producing natural and true to life images with the camera with no retouching or cloning. Nothing is added or removed in post production so the subjects and scenes are reproduced just as they presented themselves originally. Nature needs no embellishment.

About David Lloyd

David Lloyd is an exhibiting wildlife photographer, having won awards for his work which favours a fine art style in both colour and black & white. Originally from New Zealand, he now lives in London but spends up to four months a year in Africa, photographing and leading photographic safaris there.

David has four successes in the annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards. In 2011 A Flick of the Tail was chosen as the front cover of that year’s portfolio book, and more recently, Bond of Brothers won their annual People’s Choice category. Other successes include two in the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year and five Nature’s Best awards.

David regularly supports and donates prints to wildlife conservation initiatives in Africa.

His images have been published widely in the press and in several photographic publications, in both the UK and abroad. He also holds exhibitions of his work, most recently at the Royal Geographic Society in London. His long awaited debut book As Long As There Are Animals was published in late 2014.

David's background includes traditional film based and darkroom photography and graphic design in the advertising industry. When in London, Richmond Park is a favourite photographic location.

About this store

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This store opened in September 2020 with twelve fine art prints with more to be made available on a regular basis. If there is an image you have seen elsewhere which you'd like to see as a print, please enquire.